24.4.9 Private Psychiatric Hospital Placement

Children in Out-of-home care who are eligible for private psychiatric hospital care. These facilities provide services including medical treatment, psychiatric/psychological counseling and testing, nursing care, educational services, social work services, recreation services and occupational therapy. The Children’s Services Worker should contact the hospital directly to arrange for the child’s admission. Cost for the child’s care is paid by MO HealthNet for a number of days as prescribed by the Professional Activity Study (PAS).

Payment for days beyond the PAS days may be paid with Area Office approval. The psychiatric facility should request prior approval of the extension through the MO HealthNet Division (MHD) for extended MO HealthNet payment of the service. If MHD denies, the psychiatric facility should submit the request for payment to the County Office. Such a request is forwarded through normal supervisory channels to the Program Development System Unit (PDSU). The worker should consult the listing of CD contracted services and use these facilities, if treatment is anticipated to exceed the number of PAS days.

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