25.6.1 Types of Placements Exempt from Regulation 4

Regulation 4 does not apply when placement is sought in the following facilities across state lines:

  • A primarily educational institution defined under Regulation 4 as an institution that operates one or more programs that can be offered in satisfaction of compulsory school attendance laws, in which the primary purpose of accepting children is to¬†meet their educational needs;
  • A hospital or other medical facility defined as an institution for the acutely ill that discharges its patients when they are no longer acutely ill, which does not provide or hold itself out as providing child care in substitution¬† for parental and/or care or foster, and in which a child is placed for the primary purpose of treating an acute medical problem;
  • An institution for the mentally ill or developmentally disabled minors means a facility that is responsible for treatment of acute conditions, both psychiatric and medical, as well as such custodial care as is necessary for the treatment of such acute conditions of the minors who are either voluntarily committed or involuntarily committed by a court of competent jurisdiction to reside in it;
  • Outpatient services provided for the treatment and care and other services by an institution for the mentally ill or developmentally disabled may accept a child for treatment and care without complying with ICPC.

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