24.8 Pregnancy of Child in Out-of-Home Care

When a child becomes pregnant while in foster care, all efforts should be made to ensure the child receives complete prenatal care. In addition, the court of jurisdiction should be notified of the youth’s pregnancy. The Children’s Service Worker should refer the youth to appropriate persons for information and resources needed to explore her options. The child should make an informed decision without undue influence and/or coercion by the Division, placement provider or parents. If the child elects to give birth and care for the infant, every effort must be made to keep the child and infant together. The Worker must refer the child and infant to the Eligibility Specialist, utilizing form CS-IV-E/FFP1. The Worker shall carefully document the child’s progress and any contact regarding the health of the child and infant in the case record.

Related Subject:  Section 4, Chapter 11, Attachment F:  Children of Youth in Alternative Care

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