CHILD WELFARE MANUAL Missouri as the Sending State

When a child/ adoptive family has moved from Missouri to another state, the adoption subsidy worker will:

  1. Update the Alternative Care (AC) Client Information Screen/ Placement Information to show new address of adoptive family and the county as “999”. This code identifies the child as being placed out of state.

    Please note: There is a check box labeled “ICAMA Indicator” on the AC Client Information Screen. DO NOT mark this box. This box is for Central Office Use only.

  2. Complete ICAMA Form 700, Notice of Medicaid Eligibility/ Case Activation in the ICAMA worksite/ database, upload the required adoption subsidy documentation and submit to the ICAMA Unit in Central Office.
  3. Upon receipt of notification that a new ICAMA referral has been submitted,
  4. The ICAMA Coordinator will then complete the Form ICAMA  7.02, Notice to Families and ICAMA Form 7.02b, Important Information For Families, and mail to the families. The submitted referral will be signed off on by the ICAMA coordinators and submitted electronically to the new state of residence..
  5. A case file will be maintained electronically. Documentation can be printed off for inclusion in the child’s adoption as necessary.
  6. Should the family move to another state, the adoption subsidy worker is responsible for completing the ICAMA Form 7.5 Information Exchange – Cases Opened with ICAMA 6.01 and submitting it to the Missouri ICAMA coordinator via the worksite/database in order to close the ICAMA Medicaid in that previous state of residence. If the family is moving to another state (other than the state where the subsidy originated), the adoption subsidy worker is to complete a new ICAMA 7.00 and electronically submit it along with the adoption subsidy paperwork to the Missouri ICAMA coordinator to notify the new state of residence and initiate ICAMA Medicaid.
  7. If a youth’s adoption subsidy or guardianship subsidy is being extended past the age of 18 years, it is the responsibility of the youth’s adoption subsidy worker to submit notification of the extension by completing the ICAMA 7.05, Information Exchange – Cases Opened with ICAMA 6.01, and a copy of the extension amendment via the worksite/ database to the MO ICAMA Unit in order to ensure that Medicaid remains open for the youth in their state of residence
  8. When a subsidy is terminated, it is the subsidy worker’s responsibility to complete the ICAMA 7.5 Information Exchange – Cases Opened with the ICAMA 6.01 to close the Medicaid case in the receiving state

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