3.3 Photographs of the Child

Upon entry into care, the case manager must either take or obtain a photograph of each child. An updated photo should be taken at least every six (6) months for children six (6) years old or younger and then once a year for older children. An updated photo should also be taken whenever the child’s appearance changes. Staff should obtain a digital photograph whenever possible. Hard copies of the child’s photograph should be placed in the Child Section of their file.

  • Tips for Child Photographs:

    • Photo should be a head-and-shoulders color photo in which the child’s face is clearly seen, similar to a school portrait.
    • The background should be plain or solid.
    • The child should not be overly posed.
    • There should be no other people, animals, or objects in the photo.
    • The photograph should be taken indoors or out of direct sunlight.
    • Avoid using self-portraits

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