3.6.2 Adoptive Family Record Access

The Children’s Service Worker shall inform adoptive parent(s), prospective or otherwise, of their right to view their adoptive records.

  • Should an adoptive parent(s) request to view their record, the worker shall immediately acknowledge the receipt of their request with a letter including an appointment date and time to review the record no later than ten (10) working days from original date of request.
  • At that appointment the Children’s Service Worker shall verify the identity of the adoptive family and provide a private area for viewing.  Do not permit review of any identifying information or non-identifying information of child or biological family if the adoption has been completed and the child and adoptive parent(s)’ records have been combined.
  • Background information about the child important to the child’s placement should have been shared at the time of placement.  If they wish confirmation of this information, complete the CS-50 and follow the appropriate steps.
  • The Children’s Service Worker shall provide the adoptive family with a copy of the adoptive family assessment if they have never been given one. 
  • The worker will then document in the narrative, within five (5) working days, the time, place and person with whom the record was reviewed and/or material copied.

This does not affect the written procedures governing the summary of information shared with the prospective adoptive parent(s) at the time the child is placed.

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