3.6.5 Adopted Adult Requesting Non-Identifying Information

This Procedure is Based on SUBSECTION 453.121, RSMo.

All adopted adults, adoptive parent(s), or legal guardians will be given non-identifying information, if known, regarding the biological parents and siblings of the specific adopted child, who is the subject of the request, upon providing proper identification and, in the instance of an adopted adult request, proof of age (must be age 18 and over).

If the adopted adult is deceased, the adopted adult’s lineal descendants may also receive non-identifying information concerning undisclosed biological parents or siblings.  “Lineal descendants” include adopted children and their descendants. (Section 472.010 RSMo.)

Non-identifying information includes only

  • a physical description
  • nationality
  • religious background, and
  • the medical history of the biological parents and/or sibling(s) contained in Division records.

Section 453.121 does not authorize for release any other types of non-identifying information. See definitions for further guidance regarding medical history.

A written request via completion of form CS-50 is required.

Requests for non-identifying information should be referred to the circuit court if the local office is unable to identify that the adopted child, who is the subject of the request, was placed for adoption by the Division.

Release of non-identifying information is permitted on adoptions completed before and after August 13, 1986.

For closed adoption records, the Children’s Service Worker would:

  • Receive request for non-identifying information from adopted adult, adoptive parent(s) or legal guardian. See Children’s Services Forms Manual, instructions for CS-50. Request for Release of Non-Identifying Information/Completed Adoptions.

    NOTE: The adopted child does not have to be 18 years of age if adoptive parent(s) are requesting non-identifying information.

  • Secure proof of identification of individual making request and proof of age, if adopted adult is making the request. See for methods of securing proof. Refuse the request if the adopted individual is making the request and is unable to provide proof of being age 18 and over.
  • Secure proof of identification from the lineal descendant by requiring additional documentation to verify the relationship of the requester to the adoptee such as:
    • Photocopy of state-issued birth certificate, or
    • Certified copy of a court document stating relationship.
  • A certified copy of the adoptee’s state-issued death certificate is also required.
  • Determine that record exists regarding the adopted adult who is the subject of the request.
  • Make request of county holding the adoption record if it is determined that the adoption was completed in another county; or
    • Refer requestor to circuit court of residence of the adopted child if it is determined that the Division did not place the child.
  • Prepare CS-50 with the available non-identifying information.
  • Document within ten (10) working days, on CS-50 in the adoptive parent’s record, the time, place and person to whom CS-50 was provided and retain copy in the case file.
  • Record all activities in the case narrative, and insert all forms, reports and other correspondence in the “Adopted Adult Information Request” section of the adoptive parent(s) case record.

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