3.6.6 Adoption Information Registry

The Missouri Adoption Information Registry, operated by the Children’s Division, is a service by which adopted adults and biological parents or adult siblings may indicate their desire to be contacted by each other.

The Registry can accept applications from adopted adults who were adopted in Missouri or whose biological parents had their parental rights terminated in Missouri.  The Registry also processes application from those biological parents who relinquish a child for adoption in Missouri as well as adult siblings wishing to have contact with the adopted adult.

This Procedure is Based on SUBSECTION 453.121, RSMo.

“The Adoption Information Registry, located in Central Office, will accept registrations via the CD-51a Adopted Adult Registration, CD-51b Biological Parent Registration or the CD-51c Adult Sibling Registration form through the mail or direct delivery in an envelope marked “Confidential.”

    • The adopted adult must be age 18 or over before registration is permitted.
    • Biological parents can register any time following termination of parental rights.
    • Adult siblings may register when they are 18 or over.

Adopted adults may obtain identifying information on adult siblings with the sibling’s consent without the court having to find that such information is necessary for health-related purposes.

When a “match” occurs and both parents have not registered and the other is located, the located parent must file an affidavit authorizing the release of identifying information with the court which granted the adoption or register with the “Adoption Information Registry.”

If a biological parent authorizes the release of information or if a biological parent is found to be deceased, the court shall disclose the identifying information as to that biological parent to the adopted adult as long as the other biological parent is:

      1. unknown;
      2. known but cannot be found and notified;
      3. deceased; or
      4. has filed with the court an affidavit authorizing the release of information.

The Children’s Service Worker shall:

      • Receive request for information from biological parents, adult sibling(s), or adopted adult.
      • Give the CD-51a Adopted Adult Registration, CD-51b Biological Parent Registration or CD-51c Adult Sibling Registration to the interested party along with the brochure about the registry.
      • Receive request from Central Office to aid in identification of and/or search for other biological parent in the event a “match” has occurred.
      • Search Division files for identification of the other biological parent and possible location.
        • Complete confidential notification of other biological parent if identified and located.
        • Provide information regarding option, i.e., registration with the Adoption Information Registry or filing an affidavit with the court which granted the adoption indicating identifying information may be released.

        NOTE: Failure to do one of the above options will prohibit the release of information about any of the registrants.

      • Report outcome of identification and status of biological parent’s consent via CD-51b within five (5) days to the Adoption Information Registry in a confidential envelope.
      • Record all activities in the case narrative of the adoptive parent(s)’s case file within (10) ten days of the point action is completed.  Then file all forms, reports and other correspondence in the “Adopted Adult Information Request:” section of the adoptive parent(s) case record.

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