3.7.8 Privacy Notices

CD must provide a privacy notice to individuals as of April 14, 2003, and thereafter by:

  • Providing a copy upon an individual’s request;
  • Providing a copy at the time a person applies;
  • Providing a copy at the time CD staff conduct a CA/N investigation, assessment or referral;
  • Issuing a copy within 60 days of a material revision of the notice;
  • Posting the notice in each office in a clear and prominent location;
  • Making the notice available at each office so an individual can request and obtain a copy;
  • Notifying clients no less frequently than once every three years of the availability of the notice and how to obtain a copy;
  • Posting the notice on the agency’s web site; and
  • Emailing a copy upon an individual’s request for an electronic notice.

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