4.4.1 Kinship Care

Kinship care is full-time nurturing and protection of children by persons not related by blood, marriage or adoption but a close relationship exists between the child and kinship provider. The relationship should be respected on the basis of individual, family, and cultural values, and emotional ties. The Children’s Division must license individuals interested in providing kinship care in order to provide maintenance payments. However, a child may be placed with a kinship caregiver pending licensure. Kinship care may be appropriate if the kinship or friend is able to:

  • Meet the safety, protection, developmental, cultural, and permanency needs of the child;
  • Maintain or rebuild parent-child relationships, and help parents stay connected with their children if not regaining full-time care and custody;
  • Ensure permanency for children with their families; and
  • Minimize the loss of family and family history.

Related Subject:  Section 4, Chapter 12, Relative or Kinship Care

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