4.4.11 Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitalization

Inpatient psychiatric hospitalization is the most restrictive placement resource. Any child who is exhibiting serious emotional behavior and disturbance, which poses a danger to him or others and is being considered for this level of care, must be referred to the local Psychiatric Diversion Screening Team. The screening team will assess the child’s needs and develop a treatment plan. Members of the Psychiatric Diversion Screening Team should represent the agencies in the community who work with youth, i.e., schools, mental health, foster parents, and juvenile officers, as well as the biological family and the Children’s Service Worker and supervisor. The worker must consult with their supervisor and a court order obtained prior to placing a child in a psychiatric hospital for either inpatient treatment or evaluation.

Related Subject:  Section 4, Chapter 20, Psychiatric Hospital Placement and Psychiatric Diversion

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