4.4.12 Transitional Living

This placement resource should be approached as a continuum of care as our youth transition to adulthood and independence.  Youth who have spent much of their adolescence in residential care may require a transitional program to acquire the skills necessary to live as an adult.  Many transitional living programs operate as part of, or under the auspices of, residential treatment facilities, such as transitional living group homes and scattered site apartments.

In addition to group homes and scattered site apartments, transitional living advocate placements are available to youth.  The advocates are recruited for the specific youth and provide a home-like setting for them.  Advocate placements should be able to function basically on their own and are in need of a supportive home.  Transitional Living Arrangements may best fit a youth’s needs if they are in need of placement in a supportive environment where there is an opportunity to learn and utilize skills necessary to live as an adult.

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