4.4.13 Independent Living Arrangement

Related Subject:  Section 4, Chapter 21, Older Youth Program (OYP)

This placement resource may best meet a youth’s needs if:

  • Youth is at least sixteen (16) years of age;
  • Youth is under court jurisdiction and in the custody of the Children’s Division;
  • There is no likelihood of reunification with parent/legal guardian;
  • The Adolescent Family Support Team Guide (CD-94), Individualized Action Plan Goals (CD-94), and a life skills assessment tool of the Children’s Service Worker’s choice have been completed and based on these assessment tools, there is team agreement that this is the best option for the youth;
  • Youth is receiving Chafee Foster Care Independence Program Services for life skills instruction;
  • Youth is able to demonstrate competency in life skills;
  • Youth is able to live independently;
  • Youth is able to manage own finances and maintain own residence
  • Youth has demonstrated pattern of responsible conduct for at least six (6) months;
  • Youth has no criminal law violations;
  • Youth’s school performance, if applicable, equal to capabilities;
  • Youth has exhibited reasonable money management skills;
  • Youth is attending an educational or vocational school and/or employed; and
  • Youth has a self-developed plan for independent living.

The youth may require support services to successfully live independently. The case manager and youth will determine the type and frequency of services jointly. Youth in independent living arrangements continue to be seen twice a month by the case manager.

Related Subject:  Section 4 Chapter 21 Older Youth Program (OYP)

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