4.4.14 Therapeutic Foster Care

Therapeutic foster care (TFC) is a living situation consisting of highly intensive individual treatment for one (1) or two (2) children living in a family foster home setting and community environment. TFC is administered as part of a residential treatment agency’s array of services for children with significant emotional or behavioral needs, who, with additional resources, can remain in a family setting and achieve positive growth and development. TFC exists to serve children whose special needs are severe enough that in the absence of such programs, they would be at risk of placement into restrictive residential settings such as hospitals, psychiatric centers, correctional facilities, or residential treatment programs.

Each therapeutic foster home and child is assigned a TFC worker with the primary responsibility for the development of treatment plans. The TFC worker also provide support and consultation to the TFC foster parents, to families of children in care, to children enrolled in the TFC program, and to other treatment team members. The TFC worker coordinates activities to ensure children and families receive needed services

according to their treatment plan. The contractor provides at least weekly consultation to the TFC home and in-person contact every two (2) weeks or more frequently when indicated.

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