4.4.5 Medical Foster Family

A medical foster family is utilized to meet the needs of a child with extraordinary medical needs. Medical foster parents must have medical training and/or knowledge specific to the unique medical needs of the child. This training/knowledge is child specific and provided by the doctor/hospital for the child as needed and as prescribed by the attending physician. A medical foster family may best meet a child’s needs if the child requires a minimum of six (6) hours of care per day beyond that of a child at the same age without medical/developmental problems. Medical foster care may be appropriate for children who need the following:

Related Subject:  Section 4, Chapter 15, Medical Foster Care

  • Assistance in bathing, clothing, feeding;
  • Braces, bed rest, wheelchair;
  • Injection of medication;
  • Special diet;
  • Apnea monitor;
  • Frequent doctor/hospital visits;
  • Excessive laundry, precautions, care of equipment; and
  • Continuous supervision by mature or skilled adults.

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