453.065 Definitions

Definitions. — As used in sections 453.065 to 453.074, the following words and terms shall have the meanings indicated:

  (1)  “Child”, a person within the state who is under the age of eighteen or in the custody of the children’s division who is in need of medical, dental, educational, mental or other related health services and treatment, as defined in this section, or who belongs to a racial or ethnic minority, who is five years of age or older, or who is a member of a sibling group, and for whom an adoptive home is not readily available.  If the physical, dental or mental condition of the child requires care after the age of eighteen, payment can be continued with the approval of the children’s division of the department of social services and subject to annual review;

  (2)  “Diminishing allotment”, a monthly payment which periodically diminishes over a period of not longer than four years at which time it ceases;

  (3)  “Long term subsidy”, a continuous monthly payment toward the child’s care for a period of more than four years;

  (4)  “Special services”, an allotment to a child who is in need of medical, dental, educational, mental health or other related health services and treatment, including treatment for physical handicap, intellectual impairment, developmental disability, mental or emotional disturbance, social maladjustment;

  (5)  “Time limited subsidy”, a monthly allotment which is continued for a limited time after legal adoption, not exceeding four years.  This compensation is to aid the family in integrating the care of the new child in their home.

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