453.072 Qualified Relatives to Receive Subsidies, When – Definitions

 Qualified relatives to receive subsidies, when — definitions. — 1.  Any subsidies available to adoptive parents pursuant to section 453.073 and section 453.074 shall also be available to a qualified relative of a child or a qualified close nonrelated person who is granted legal guardianship of the child in the same manner as such subsidies are available for adoptive parents.

  2.  As used in this section:

  (1)  “Close nonrelated person” means any nonrelated person whose life is so intermingled with the child such that the relationship is similar to a family relationship;

  (2)  “Relative” means any grandparent, aunt, uncle, adult sibling of the child or adult first cousin of the child, or any other person related to the child by blood or affinity.

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