453.150 Effect of Adoptions Made Previous to July 1, 1917

Effect of adoptions made previous to July 1, 1917. — Any person adopted by deed of adoption or agreement of adoption in writing prior to 1917 and wherein said instrument was filed for record prior to July 1, 1917, shall hereafter be deemed and held to be for every purpose the child of its parent or parents by adoption as fully as though born to them in lawful wedlock, and such adoption shall have the same force and effect as an adoption under the provisions of this chapter, including all inheritance rights.

(L. 1943 p. 353 § 9616a)

(1952) Where deed of adoption, executed in 1912, was filed for record April 23, 1918, this section has no application, and blood relatives of adopted child, rather than relatives of adoptive parents, inherit from such child notwithstanding child inherited property from adoptive parents. Rumans v. Lighthizer, 363 Mo. 125, 249 S.W.2d 397.

(1958) Daughter adopted by testator’s daughter in 1909 held to be entitled to share in distribution of remainder of trust estate to “lineal descendants” of testator under will executed in 1927 and where remainder vested in 1955 and such ruling did not render acts passed subsequent to testator’s death and prior to vesting of remainder which qualified adopted daughter as lineal descendant violative of §§ 10 and 13 of Art. I of the Constitution. Commerce Trust Co. v. Weed (Mo.), 318 S.W.2d 289.