5.2.5 Foster/Relative Resources

Foster/relative/kinship parent records shall be permanently retained. Any application submitted and withdrawn by a foster/relative/kinship parent shall also be permanently retained, as shall any rejected foster/relative parent assessment.

Any foster/relative/kinship home license that has been denied, involuntarily suspended or revoked shall be permanently retained. The Division shall retain the Resource Home Adverse Action Report, CS-20, the Notification of Resource Home Adverse Action, CS-20a, supporting documentation for the adverse action, and any appeal information.

Foster/relative/kinship parent records that completed a guardianship on a child they had in their home and received a Legal Guardianship Subsidy shall be permanently retained after the last date of closing of the Legal Guardianship Subsidy.

Retain forever any foster/relative parent record in which the foster/relative parent has adopted a child in his/her care, who was previously in the custody of the Division.

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