Rap Back is a service of the Missouri State Highway Patrol which provides updated criminal history information on applicants registered in the MACHS system in real-time as the arrests are reported to the central repository.

After an applicant and adult household member has registered in MACHS and fingerprinted, if the applicant is arrested, the individuals who are approved as the OCA administrator and readers for the OCA registration code the individual was printed under will receive an email notification from MSHP.

Within 24 business hours of receiving the notification form MSHP, the OCA Administrator/Circuit Manager will access MACHS and review the Rap Back report. The Circuit Manger will have a designated back up recipient for times of absence. Failure to download the record within 30 days of the alert will result in the MSHP automatically unsubscribing the applicant and the applicant will have to be printed again.

The Circuit Manager will notify the resource licensing worker as identified in FACES for the applicant or other household member.

Within 24 hours of notice, the resource licensing worker will make contact with the individual identified in the Rap Back report and assess the situation.

The worker will immediately contact his/her supervisor and Circuit Manger to report regarding the situation so determination may be made regarding further action  such as a call to the hotline, removal of children and/or placing the home on administrative hold to determine if there are grounds to revoke the license/approval.

When a resource home license or approval is closed, the Circuit Manager must immediately unsubscribe the applicant or adult household member from the Rap Back program data base.  Resource providers are required by regulation to notify the Children’s Division or contractor of any change in household composition 2 weeks prior to the change.  When a household member age 17 and older moves away from the home, the Circuit Manager must immediately unsubscribe the household member from the Rap Back program data base. Failure to remove a person who is no longer a placement provider or adult household member from the Rap Back program is a compliance error with the MSHP.

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