There is a delayed fingerprinting process that will be followed in the cases of the emergency placement or exigent circumstances involving a child. If there is a need to complete a Purpose Code “X” screening for emergency placement or exigent circumstances, staff should adhere to the following process:

    • The Children’s Division worker or juvenile officer must request local law enforcement to search the Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System (MULES) for anyone 17 years old or older residing in the household. MULES is an electronic communication system strictly used for law enforcement purposes, but permission has been granted to allow the Division access to the information in cases of emergency protective custody, where children are placed in the care and custody of CD. In accordance with Section 210.482.2 RSMo, a child should be immediately removed from the home in which he/she has been placed if anyone 17 years old or older refuses to provide fingerprints.
    • The FBI has approved law enforcement to conduct Purpose Code “X” background screenings with a time-limited delay in fingerprinting due to placing a child as a result of an emergency situation. However, fingerprints must be submitted to the FBI within 15 days of the MULES check. To meet that deadline, the agency worker must provide the placement provider with information to schedule their screening with the contracted electronic fingerprint vendor. The fingerprint authorization letter, CD26-f, shall be provided with the correct registration number for the circuit entered in the place indicated on the letter. When a court or Children’s Division approaches a law enforcement agency about providing this type of check, the law enforcement agency is not responsible for ensuring the legitimacy of the request. Law enforcement is required to ensure the requestor is an authorized representative, and upon verification, the inquiry should be performed. Local offices should work with their multidisciplinary teams to establish protocols to fulfill the required verification process.
    • Local offices shall document and maintain the Purpose Code X Request log, CD-153. If the Children’s Division fails to keep an accurate and up to date log to account for subsequent delayed fingerprinting, or a reason that fingerprints will not be submitted (e.g., due to a disqualifying criminal history), the Division could lose the right to delay fingerprinting in the future.

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