7.3.4 Meeting/Working with the Resource Provider

The child’s Children’s Service Worker should meet face-to-face, individually and jointly, with the resource provider and the child, at the placement, no later than the next business day following initial placement and any time a child moves during out-of-home care.  Arrangements may be made for someone other than the case worker to complete this visit with supervisory approval.  The case manager  must meet face-to-face, with the child a minimum of one time per month with the majority of these visits occurring in the placement to monitor and assess the safety of the child. The case manager is required to have at least monthly contact with the placement provider.   

The child’s Children’s Service Worker should document any discussion with the resource provider along with the other discussion points in the case contacts in FACES.  These meetings may occur at the same time the worker meets with the child.  However, the child and resource provider should be seen individually and together.  Both announced and unannounced visits may be utilized with resource providers:

  1. The Children’s Service Worker and placement provider will discuss:
    1. The child’s adjustment;
    2. The child’s reaction to visits;
    3. The child’s behavioral and emotional problems;
    4. The child’s educational and developmental progress;
    5. The child’s loss and grief issues;
    6. Parent’s progress in resolving identified issues and concerns;
    7. Resource provider’s adjustment to the child’s placement; and
    8. Additional services necessary to maintain the placement.
  2. The Children’s Service Worker shall observe the physical and emotional environment of the placement to assess whether it continues to meet the child’s needs.  The Children’s Service Worker shall continually assess the safety of the child in the placement.

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