7.3 Thirty-Day Treatment Activities

The 72 Hour Plan, FST-2, is developed by the Family Support Team during the 72-hour meeting and establishes the foundation for the initial 30-day treatment period. The initial 30 days is critical to timely family reunification and selection of the most appropriate placement provider. The Children’s Service Worker will have frequent contacts with the parent(s), child, and placement provider to complete the family/child assessment and provide needed support and resources. Other 30-day treatment activities include:

  1. Team members work on tasks established in Written Service Agreement.
  2. The Children’s Service Worker continually assesses team member’s progress towards plan implementation and makes any necessary modifications. The worker is particularly sensitive to the family’s life style and time limitations and develops a flexible plan so as not to overwhelm the family.
  3. The case plan must be developed and in place within 30 days of the child coming into care.
  4. If a youth is age 14 or older, the Adolescent FST Guide (CD94) and Individualized Action Plan Goals (CD94) is initiated in the first 30 days of the youth coming into care.

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