1. The Circuit Manager will assign the request for a review to the Reviewer within one (1) business day of receiving the written request, CD-190.  The Circuit Manager will provide a copy of the CD-190 to the Reviewer when assigned.
  2. If the request is received beyond three (3) business days of the meeting, the Circuit Manager will contact the requester to report that the deadline was not met and the Adoption Staffing Team decision will not be reviewed.
  3. The Reviewer will be provided with the following documents and information within one (1) business day of being assigned the request for an Adoption Staffing Team decision review:
    1. Adoption Profile(s);
    2. Adoption staffing information packet including Home Assessments for all candidates;
    3. A copy of the foster youth(s)’ CS-1; and
    4. The contact information for all the Adoption Staffing Team members who attended the staffing
  4. The Reviewer will examine and review the documents regarding the adoption staffing and the Team’s decision.
  5. The Reviewer will interview the following individuals who attended the Adoption Staffing Team meeting within two (2) business days of the Reviewer receiving the CD-190 from the Circuit Manager/private contractor Director:
    1. Review requester
    2. Perspective adoptive parent(s) and support individual of their choice,
    3. Placement provider(s) and support individual of their choice,
    4. Foster youth(s), if age appropriate
    5. Guardian Ad Litem for the foster youth(s)

    The Reviewer may interview additional Adoption Staffing Team attendees, if the Reviewer deems it necessary to make the final conclusion.

  6. The Reviewer will submit to the Circuit Manager a written report of his/her response following the review of the Adoption Staffing Team decision within five (5) business days of assignment of the review request.

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