CHILD WELFARE MANUAL Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is to be used only when a child’s behavior is diagnosed as requiring this type of protected and rehabilitative environment. Residential treatment is not considered a permanent plan. The primary focus of this service is to provide treatment to secure a child’s improved adjustment. Placement in another type of home setting will be necessary upon completion of the agreed upon treatment period. It should be selected under the following circumstances:

NOTE:  Plans of this type must be approved by the RCST.

  1. Return to the parent(s) care has been temporarily ruled out;
  2. Child requires a more structured environment to meet assessed needs and such a placement is in the child’s best interest;
  3. Need for this type of care has been shared with the child;
  4. Parent(s) has been informed about the child’s need and the recommendation for residential care;
  5. The facility is open to planning for the adoptive placement if the child becomes legally available for adoption; and/or
  6. The selected facility has agreed to accept the child for care and services.

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