9.6.3 Reporting the FST/PPRT Meeting

All pertinent information must be recorded on the CS-1 to be maintained in the child’s section of the case file. A copy must be submitted to the jurisdictional court. Each participant of the review should complete, at a minimum, the recommendation section of the CS-1. These recommendations will be summarized on the file copy. This information is to be sent to the jurisdictional court and the child’s parents. The Adolescent FST Guide (CD94) and Individualized Action Plan Goals (CD94) are completed for youth age 14 and older.

Related Subject:  Section 4 Chapter 7.2.4 Lack of Consensus at Family Support Team (FST)/Permanency Planning Review Team (PPRT) Meetings

The completed CS-1, and Adolescent FST Guide & Individualized Action Plan for youth age 14 or over, should be submitted to court as a replacement for the six-month court report or in conjunction with the submittal of the six-month court report.

If a CS-1 is completed for the meeting, the parents, resource providers, and youth age 12 and older, as appropriate, should be provided with a copy of the completed CS-1, either directly after the FST/PPRT meeting or within five (5) days through the mail.

There are no exceptions to conducting the FST/PPRT. A child must have a FST/PPRT even though it is anticipated that the child will be reunified with parents within a short period of time; or, the Division is planning to place the child for adoption within a short period of time. In other words, FST/PPRTs are conducted according to the time schedule as long as the Division has custody.

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