9.6 Operation of the Family Support Team (FST)/Permanency Planning Review Team (PPRT) Meeting

All team members, required and invited, are considered full partners in the review process and should attend the entire FST/PPRT meeting and have the opportunity to fully participate in the development of the child’s case plan. Per federal and state law, the case plan must be developed with the youth.  This should begin at age 12.  The youth must be consulted in any revision to the plan.

Related Subject: Section 4 Chapter 7.2.3 Meeting Agenda

All information provided at meetings or administrative hearings regarding removal of a child is confidential except:

  • A parent or a party may waive confidentiality for himself or herself;
  • Any parent has the absolute right to audiotape or videotape such meeting to the extent allowed by the law;
  • No parent or party shall be required to sign a confidentiality agreement before testifying or providing information at such meeting or hearing; and
  • Any person, other than a parent or party, who does not agree to maintain confidentiality, may be excluded from any portion of the meeting during which he/she is not testifying or providing information.

The Children’s Service Worker is responsible for developing the Child Assessment and Service Plan, CS-1, to be used at the initial 30 day FST and every 30 days thereafter until court adjudication.  The CS-1 should then be updated every six (6) months and when there is a major change in the case such as a change in the permanency plan or placement change.  A completed CS-1 will be distributed to both parents and any other party within five (5) days of the FST.  Youth age 12 and older shall be provided a copy of the plan.

At the beginning of each FST/PPRT meeting the Children’s Division shall state:  “All information provided in this meeting is confidential. Any one not agreeing to keep information disclosed confidential can be asked to leave the meeting for any portion in which he/she is not testifying.”  Documentation of those in agreement or disagreement should be included in the CS-1.

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