CHILD WELFARE MANUAL Use of Supervisory Case Review in Compelling Reasons Determination

Supervisory Case Review is a process to be utilized periodically for, but is not limited to, children who are in an out-of-home setting and in the care and custody of the Division, or when CD is under court ordered supervision. This review will assist the Children’s Service Worker in consultation with their supervisor in developing an initial and concurrent permanency plan, and in evaluating progress toward the permanent plan for that child. The Supervisory Case Review process is embodied in several formal activities which are utilized at various times while the child is in care.

A Supervisory Case Review should occur where compelling reasons to not file TPR petition cease to exist, to evaluate current status of the case as it relates to the reasons to file for TPR and to evaluate the permanency options available in the child’s best interests. This review should occur prior to making such recommendations to the FST or PPRT members on the available permanency options.

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