9.8.5 Family Involvement in Concurrent Permanency Planning

Each parent should be involved in the development of the concurrent permanency plan. Family involvement must begin with good engagement. Clearly define your role as well as the roles of the other team members, expectations, the law, and the goal of permanency for the child. Engage each parent in the process of decision making and encourage them to play an active role in determining what their goals should be.

Early identification of relatives, to include in family meetings, is critical. All parents should be encouraged to identify both maternal and paternal family members, as well as kin and individuals close to the family, who might be of help in determining the elements of the service plan. Discuss placement decisions regarding which relatives or kin to place with when involving the family in concurrent planning.

Full disclosure to the parents of problems, changes, possible consequences, timelines, and alternative permanency decision making should be discussed on an ongoing basis.

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