Attachment B: Listing of Purchased Services

Children’s Treatment Services (CTS)

CTS provide services across the Division’s continuum of care. All children and families served through CTS must have an open involvement with the Division, such as an open child abuse/neglect (CA/N) investigation, family assessment, family centered service case, family-centered out-of-home case or adoption. CTS should be used, as a payer of last resort, with children and families to prevent CA/N and to treat the negative consequences of CA/N occurrence. These services are administered by third party providers, which may include the provision of counseling and therapy; parent aide and education services; and/or, intensive in-home services (family preservation). Services are provided in order to keep children from entering Family Centered Out-of-Home Care (FCOOHC) as well as to return children safely to their homes or other permanency plan. Children and families may present a multitude of problems, which may require a variety of services.

All CTS payments should be processed as outlined in the FACES Financial Systems Payment Handbook. For a detailed description of each service, see Section 8.7.2 Children’s Treatment Services.

CTS Contracts:

  • Mental Health Services Contract
  • Supplemental Services Contract
  • Intensive In-Home Services and Intensive Family Reunification Contracts
  • Crisis Funds Dispersement Contract
  • Language Translation and Interpretive Services for People with Hearing Loss Contracts
  • Transportation Contract
  • Drug Testing Contract
  • Paternity Testing Contract
  • Medical Examinations (SAFE Network and Other Medical Examinations)
  • Legal Fees
  • Medical Records

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