210.255 Religious facilities in violation

 Religious organizations operating facility in violation, procedure — noncompliance after notice, prosecutor may act or attorney general. — 1.  A parent or guardian of a child enrolled in a child care facility established, maintained or operated by a religious organization who has cause to believe that this section and section 210.254 are being violated may notify appropriate local law enforcement authorities.

  2.  If a child care facility maintained or operated under the exclusive control of a religious organization is suspected of violating any provision of sections 210.252 to 210.255, or if there is good cause to believe that the signatory made a materially false statement in the notice of parental responsibility required by sections 210.252 to 210.255, the department of health and senior services shall give twenty days’ written notice to the facility concerning the nature of its suspected noncompliance.  If compliance is not forthcoming within the twenty days, the department shall thereafter notify the prosecuting attorney of the county wherein the facility is located concerning the suspected noncompliance.  If the prosecuting attorney refuses to act or fails to act within thirty days of receipt of notice from the department, the department of health and senior services may notify the attorney general concerning the suspected noncompliance and the attorney general may proceed under section 210.248*.

(L. 1993 H.B. 376 § 2 subsecs. 4, 5)

*Section 210.248 does not exist.