34.1 Abuse of a Minor by a Minor

Pursuant to Section 210.117 RSMo.; Section 210.710 RSMo.; Section 210.720 RSMo.; and Section 211.038 RSMo., “if a court of competent jurisdiction determines, or the Children’s Division determines by a substantiated report of child abuse that is upheld by the Child Abuse and Neglect Review Board, that a minor abuses another child, that minor cannot return to or reside in any residence within 1000 feet of the residence of the abused child, or any child care facility or school the abused child attends until the abused child is eighteen years old. These provisions shall not apply if the abuse is between siblings or when the abusing child and the abused child are children living in the same home, which means that it would not directly effect reunification of efforts in those situations.

Situations in which the above provisions do apply may present significant difficulties for workers who are working toward reunification; making placement decisions or enrolling children in Division custody in child care or in school. For example, if the abuse occurred in a small town where there is only one elementary and high school. It might be necessary for a family to relocate to another town or home school in order to comply with this provision.

In order for workers to make informed decisions about placing, reunifying or enrolling children in Division custody in school or child care they will need to know:

  • The CA/N or juvenile history of all children in Division custody as victims or perpetrators in incidents of juvenile on juvenile abuse;
  • The identity and place of residence of the victims or perpetrators who were also involved in the case;

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