210.496 Refuse to issue a license or suspend or revoke a license

Refusal to issue, suspension or revocation of licenses — grounds. — The division may refuse to issue either a license or a provisional license to an applicant, or may suspend or revoke the license or provisional license of a licensee, who:

  (1)  Fails consistently to comply with the applicable provisions of sections 208.400 to 208.535 and the applicable rules promulgated thereunder;

  (2)  Violates any of the provisions of its license;

  (3)  Violates state laws or rules relating to the protection of children;

  (4)  Furnishes or makes any misleading or false statements or reports to the division;

  (5)  Refuses to submit to the division any reports or refuses to make available to the division any records required by the division in making an investigation;

  (6)  Fails or refuses to admit authorized representatives of the division at any reasonable time for the purpose of investigation;

  (7)  Fails or refuses to submit to an investigation by the division;

  (8)  Fails to provide, maintain, equip, and keep in safe and sanitary condition the premises established or used for the care of children being served, as required by law, rule, or ordinance applicable to the location of the foster home or residential care facility; or

  (9)  Fails to provide financial resources adequate for the satisfactory care of and services to children being served and the upkeep of the premises.  

Nothing in this section shall be construed to permit discrimination on the basis of disability or disease of an applicant.  The disability or disease of an applicant shall not constitute a basis for a determination that the applicant is unfit or not suitable to be a foster parent without a specific showing that there is a causal relationship between the disability or disease and a substantial and significant risk of harm to a child or an inability to perform the duties of a foster parent.

(L. 1982 H.B. 1171, et al., A.L. 2011 H.B. 555 merged with H.B. 604 merged with H.B. 648)