Chapter 6 – Residential Facilities Missouri Revised Statutes

Section Overview

This section covers the legal support for Children’s Division policy and practice

Chapter Overview

This chapter focuses on Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 210 regarding Residential Facilities.

Table of Contents

6.1    Chapter 210.484 License required

6.2    Chapter 210.485 Civil Liability

6.3    Chapter 210.486 License required

6.4    Chapter 210.491 Investigation

6.5    Chapter 210.496 Refuse to issue a license or suspend or revoke a license

6.6    Chapter 210.501 Application required for license

6.7    Chapter 210.506 Promulgation of Rules

6.8    Chapter 210.511 Provide technical assistance or consultation to meet license requirements

6.9    Chapter 210.516 Exceptions to license requirement