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When a home is on Administrative Hold due to pursuing revocation of the license, certain steps in FACES must be completed before the license expiration date.


  1. If it is 30 days prior to the license expiration date, and
  2. If the children have been removed, and
  3. The fair hearing has not happened and /or is scheduled for after the expiration date of the license,

Complete the following steps in FACES before the expiration date:


  1. Close the vendor with close reason Discontinued Services
  2. In the comments box enter the following statement:

The home is being closed due to licensing issues which resulted in a revocation notice, and the fair hearing has not occurred and will occur after the expiration date (enter the expiration date).

  1. Enter all the information on the Vendor Appeal Screen
  2. If Children’s Division’s decision to revoke the license is overturned, a new application for the home to continue providing foster care services may be opened.
  3. If the Children’s Decision is affirmed, enter a new application using the same date as the closure, deny the application and in the comments enter the following statement:

The home was closed (date) due to licensing concerns. The fair hearing occurred after the expiration of the license. The decision to revoke the license was affirmed through the fair hearing process.  Therefore, this application is being entered and denied to document the revocation of the license.