0105.000.00 Application Processing (excluding SNAP, Family MO HealthNet Programs, Temporary Assistance, & Child Care)

0105.026.02 NVRA Coordinators

IM-60 September 26, 2011, IM-62 August 12, 2008, IM-60 August 11, 2008, IM-53 July 18, 2008

The Family Support Division is required to identify an individual as the statewide NVRA Coordinator.  This individual is responsible for:

  • coordinating and overseeing FSD Income Maintenance and local office compliance with the requirements of Section 7 of the NVRA procedures,
  • maintaining a list of local FSD Income Maintenance NVRA Coordinators,
  • answering agency questions on NVRA procedures,
  • tracking compliance data and corrective action plans as needed,
  • monitoring that FSD Income Maintenance as a whole has at least 200,000 of the combined Missouri Voter Registration Application/declination forms at all times and each FSD Income Maintenance office has an adequate supply of the Missouri Voter Registration Application/declination forms at all times, and
  • serving as a liaison with the Secretary of State and local election authorities regarding FSD Income Maintenance NVRA compliance.

Each local office must identify an individual who is at the level of a Family Support Eligibility Supervisor or above to be the local NVRA Coordinator.  The local NVRA Coordinator is responsible for:

  • administering the voter registration procedures for the office,
  • ensuring the completion of any required recordkeeping and reporting,
  • acting as that local office’s liaison with the statewide NVRA Coordinator regarding NVRA issues, and with the appropriate local election authority,
  • ensuring all staff receive training on NVRA procedures,
  • monitoring the office’s supply of combined Missouri Voter Registration Application/declination forms and ordering forms as needed to maintain a two month supply. If an immediate need for additional forms is identified, order by e-mailing the FSD NVRA Coordinator,
  • monitoring compliance with the policy on retention of completed declination forms (Missouri Voter Registration Application forms marked No, No already registered, or declined to declare),
  • monitoring compliance with the policy on copying and retention of copies of completed voter registration applications,
  • monitoring the timely submission of completed voter registration applications to election officials,
  • ensuring that signs advising individuals of their right to register to vote at that site are displayed in prominent locations in the office
  • gathering data and conducting analysis on NVRA compliance and enforcement of NVRA policy in the local office, and
  • reporting any discrepancies in compliance to the statewide NVRA Coordinator.

If discrepancies are identified the local NVRA Coordinator will work with management staff to determine the source of the deficiency and develop an appropriate corrective action plan.  The local NVRA Coordinator and the statewide NVRA Coordinator will monitor the implementation of the corrective action plan.