IM-109  07/17/00  "THE WORK NUMBER"

The purpose of this memorandum is to review "The Work Number" which is an automated service providing access to a national database of employment and salary records.  Memorandum IM-33 dated April 13, 1998 introduced the service as a pilot program.  Services have been entered into with the TALX Corporation for "The Work Number" to verify salary of an applicant/recipient with a specific employer. 

Over 400 of the nation's largest employers including J.C. Penney, Sears Roebuck & Company, and Wal-Mart have selected the service to automate employment verification.  These employers comprise a national database of more than 30 million employee records.  Salary verification may be requested by calling a toll-free phone line or by using the Internet to perform verification by authorized staff.  Complete salary verification is returned via fax to the local Division of Family Service's office.


TALX requires that each user have on file a signed authorization form.  DFS staff will be authorized through the Authorized User Registration Database to have access to "The Work Number".  A registration work sheet is required for any staff needing access to "The Work Number".  Verification access will be denied to individuals not identified with the registration database.  A copy of the Registration Work Sheet is attached to this memorandum.  Complete the form legibly .  Mail the registration work sheet to Temporary Assistance Unit P. O. Box 88 Jefferson City, MO 65103 or fax it to Central Office Temporary Assistance Unit (573-526-4837) to add, change, or delete staff's information.

Staff is required to have an authorized user number to access the database. That number will be their Social Security Number. 
Each Authorized User is assigned a State Member ID# which is linked to that  particular worker's authorized telephone and fax number.  The State Member ID# consists of the code assigned toMissouri (35), the worker's five (5) digit worker ID# assigned by the Division of Family Services, and zero (0).

Example:  State Code (35) + Worker's State ID# (01234) + (0)= State Member ID (35012340)


Each employer on the database is assigned a five digit Company Code.  A listing is provided by "The Work Number" including the five (5) digit Company Code, the primary company name, and the name of it's subsidiary name.

The Employer Code List is updated on a regular basis.  Attached to this memorandum is a current list.


Staff can access "The Work Number" by dialing 1-800-660-3399 or by accessing the Internet at (www.theworknumber.com) and following the prompts.   Before placing the call or accessing Internet, gather the applicant/recipient's Social Security number and five (5) digit Company Code.

The authorized staff fax number will be requested.  Enter the fax number that was provided on the registration work sheet.

Enter State Member ID and Authorized User Number (SS#):

Example:  State Member ID:         35012340
         Authorized User #-(SS#): 987654321

Staff will be requested to choose from three (3) options:

     1.   To verify by Social Security Number- DO NOT choose this option.
           The state has not purchased this service. 
     2.   Employment and salary verification-Press 2 
     3.   To receive a copy of the Company Code List-Press 5 
Information verified by "The Work Number" includes:
* Employer     * Employment Status       * Rate of Pay
* Employee     * Most Recent Start Date  * Avg Hrs Per Pay Period
* Soc. Sec.#   * Total Time w/ Employer  * Medical Coverage
* Address      * Current Position        * Dental Coverage
Pay Period     Pay            Hours          Gross+ 
Ending         Date           Worked         Earnings
+ Gross Earnings will include bonuses, commission and overtime or year-to-date and two years' previous.

The statement will include information from the twelve (12) most recent pay period's of information.

Salary verification will be faxed to the number provided at the authorized fax number within 24 hours. 

NOTE:   Staff is NOT to query "The Work Number" for Social Security Number verification.  The Division of Family Services has not purchased this service. "How to Use the Work Number" cards will be provided to counties in a separate mailing.

  • Review this memorandum with appropriate staff;

  • Use "The Work Number Registration Work Sheet" to add, change, or delete DFS staff for authorization to us "The Work Number".

  • DO NOT use Social Security Number verification option by phone or on the Internet.
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