Effective immediately, FISU edits and overrides are no longer the responsibility of IM Data Management.  The Food Stamp Program and Policy Unit is now responsible for identifying the FISU edits, sending the FISU edit emails to the counties, and completing any FISU overrides.

Contact the FS Program and Policy Unit with any questions regarding FISU edits or to have a FISU override completed.  The phone number to call is (573)751-0374.

Staff should follow the provided procedures to prevent FISU edits from occurring.

  • Applications that will be approved for one month only require the FISU to be entered the day before the FSU5 entry if:
    • the case is approved for the previous month, or 
    • the case is approved for the current month and it is after payroll closing.
  • After payroll closing, if an adjustment is needed to lower the benefit amount issued for the next month, FPUL must be completed to pull the regular payroll benefit.  A FISU code G or an entry in the supplemental payroll field is used to issue a reduced benefit.
  • Do not use code I for supplemental benefits unless the original issuance for the month is on regular payroll.  If there is no issuance for the month, you cannot use code I.
  • Use code A if the application date is in the same month as the FISU entry.
  • Use code B if the application date is in the month prior to application, or if the month of issue is for the month following FISU entry month. 
A FISU override is needed for the following situations.  If staff notice that one of these conditions apply, staff should call for an override the day the FISU is entered, rather than waiting until they receive the FISU edit.
  • A FISU has already been entered for the DCN for the same month;

  • The case is closed, rejected, or expired and the household is entitled to restored benefits;

  • The benefit amount exceeds $999; or

  • Additional benefits need to be issued for the household and the original issuance for the month is an emergency benefit or on supplemental payroll.
If casework staff receive a FISU edit they do not understand, they must first talk to their supervisor.  If it is determined that a FISU override is needed, the supervisor should contact the Food Stamp Program and Policy Unit for the Override.
Data Processing staff are working on routing the FISU edits to the appropriate counties over the S020 subsystem.  A memorandum will be issued when the programming is complete.
  • Discuss this memorandum with all appropriate staff.

  • Review each case needing a FISU entry to determine if the appropriate FISUcode is being used.  If a situation requires an override, contact the Food Stamp Program and Policy Unit at (573) 751-0374 for the entry so the FISU will not edit.

  • If a FISU edit is received, review the case to determine the appropriate action.  If the FISU edit can be corrected without Central Office action,  complete the FISU entry.  If the edit requires an override, contact the Food Stamp Program and Policy Unit.
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