IM-128  08/31/00   DBF-14 PROCEDURE

The purpose of this memorandum is to discuss the appropriate use and correct procedure for preparing a Warrant Request DBF-14 for both case management Work Related Expenses (WRE) and Transportation Reimbursement Expenses (TRE).  Following these procedures will insure faster processing for payment.

A DBF-14 is used to pay vendors directly for WRE provided to an individual participating in Temporary Assistance case management.  A DBF-14 is necessary to pay for up to 90 days WRE/TRE for applicants who obtained employment resulting in the Temporary Assistance application being rejected.


Work Related Expenses is a supportive service for costs incurred by an individual actively participating in Temporary Assistance case management which is deemed necessary to:

1.   Actively participate in a work activity,
2.   Interview for employment,
3.   Accept employment, or
4.   Maintain employment.

 DO NOT  use WRE for housing, food, children's clothes, or children's school supplies etc.  If WRE is in question as an allowable expense, clear through normal supervisory channels.  Reference IMNL section 0290.010.00.


If an applicant obtains employment during the application process and the Temporary Assistance application is rejected, s/he is eligible for up to 90 days supportive services.  Supportive services include WRE and TRE if needed.  Complete a DFB-14 to issue WRE/TRE after the Temporary Assistance is rejected. The DFB-14 must contain the participant's name, DCN, the specific reason for the support services, and the amount of the expense.


A DBF-14 is necessary to issue WRE/TRE when a back to cash application is pending and there is nothing active in the JOBS system.


Budget and Finance has offered clarification on how to submit DBF-14s to insure faster processing.  The following are instructions on the correct procedure for submitting a DBF-14:

Obtain an itemized invoice from the approved vendor.  THIS MUST BE A BILL, NOT AN ESTIMATE AND THE BILL MUST MEET THE FOLLOWING:

1.   MUST BE INVOICED TO THE DIVISION OF FAMILY SERVICES or DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES --- NOT  to the participant. Budget and Finance will return the DBF-14 if this is not completed correctly due to state auditing.

2.   The original invoice MUST BE submitted with the DBF-14.   However, if the only thing available is a copy of the invoice, write on the copy "Original - Only Invoice Available".

3.   Must indicate the vendor's name and address.  Federal employer's identification number (FEIN) or social security number must be provided so a vendor number can be assigned.

4.   Must have an itemized description of supplies or services purchased with itemized pricing of each.

5.   Must have an invoice date.

6.   Must have a signature of the person receiving the goods or services and the date received.

7.   Must indicate the total amount or the payment due.  Amount on invoice MUST match the amount on the DBF-14.  All adjustments to the total amount must be itemized on the invoice.  Example: Partial payment made by the participant and sales tax should be subtracted to arrive at the amount to be paid to the vendor.  (Sales tax is NOT paid to the vendor, as the state of Missouri is tax exempt.)

*    Attach the original invoice  and two readable copies and any other supporting documents to the DBF-14.  (DO NOT attach the Supportive Service Payment Request (IM-317) to the DBF-14.)

*    DBF-14 needs to be signed by the County Director or an authorized designee.

*    Route to DFS Management Services.


The processing time to get benefits to participants and/or vendors by DBF-14 takes longer than when the benefits can be entered on-line.  The following are a few helpful hints to expedite the process:

1.   WORK FIRST-Open Job Search (component 07) in JCAT at application when Job Search Log (IM-46) is given to the applicant.  Issue only one $25.00 for TRE payment for Work First job search before the Temporary Assistance application is approved or rejected.

2.   Enter TRE on JCAT when the individual is still open in the JOBS system, including 90 days supportive services.

3.   Payments to reimburse participants should be entered on JSSP, not on a DBF-14.

  • Review DBF-14 for accuracy before submitting to Management Services.

  • Review proper use of Work Related Expenses (WRE).

  • Invoices from vendors for WRE provided to individuals in case management should be billed to Department of Social Services or Division of Family Services NOT the participant.

  • Issue WRE/TRE in the JOBS system when possible instead of on a DBF-14.
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