The purpose of this memorandum is to clarify how to apply time limits related to the educational components, Vocational Education and Training and Education Related to Employment.  Memorandum IM-#99, dated 6/27/00, explains these educational components in detail.

An individual may participate in Vocational Education & Training for 24 months lifetime under the following guidelines. For the first twelve months an individual may do Vocational Education & Training for 30 hours or more (20 hours for a single parent with a child under the age of 6).  The second 12 months an individual is required to enter another non-education component in combination with Vocational Education & Training to equal 30 hours of participation (20 hours of participation for a single parent with a child under age 6). 

There is no minimum or maximum number of hours in either component. An individual may do one (1) hour of education and 29 of another work activity or one (1) hour of another work activity and 29 of education.  After a participant has been in this component 24 months their required activity must be a non-education component for a minimum of 30 hours.  (20 hours of participation for a single parent with a child under age 6).  Any hours of education will be considered an additional component. While there is a 24 month lifetime limit, months do not have to be consecutive.

An individual can participate in Education Related to Employment for a minimum of 24 months.  At the end of 24 months if an individual wants to continue in Education Related to Employment activities, he/she must first participate in another work activity a minimum of 20 hours first, then an additional 10 hours or more in the education activity.  This 24 months is a lifetime limit, but does not have to be consecutive.

The first month to begin counting months for all education activities was July 1, 2000, and after.  If an individual was already in an education component, their first month began July, 2000.  The months prior to July 1, 2000 that an individual was in an education component will not count in the 24 month limit. 

The number of months of participation in Education Related to Employment does not count toward Vocational Training & Education.  These two components are independent of each other.

Do not count months toward the 24 months time limit of education in either Education Related to Employment or Vocational Training & Education, if an individual is participating their required 30 hours in another work activity (or 20 hours if they have a child under the age of 6). 

Example 1: George found a job for 30 hours per week for $6.00 per hour and still receives a Temporary Assistance grant.  He attends college classes four nights a week at the Community College to earn 12 credit hours.  He can receive supportive services for both work activities.  The education component does not count against the education  time limit, because his employment activity satisfies his 30 hour minimum work requirement. 

Example 2:  Sally works 20 hours per week and receives a Temporary Assistance grant.  She attends Adult Basic Education classes 15 hours per  week.  Sally receives supportive services for both the work activities and her education component since she needs 30 hours minimum work requirement.  Since her education activity counts toward her minimum work requirement, (30 hours) each month she is in this component will count toward her 24 month lifetime limit.

It is widely recognized that training and education enhances an individual's employment opportunities.  Individuals may choose to participate in an education component, within the above guidelines.  Our role is to assist an individual to make quality decisions regarding education and related labor market needs.  To better assist families each case manager should become acquainted with resources in their community.

  • Review this memorandum with appropriate staff.

  • Review IM-99, June 27, 2000, regarding Vocational Education & Training and Education Related to Employment.
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