IM-41  03/08/00  FOOD STAMP MANUAL REV. #8: SECTION 1150.010.05


SECTION 1150.010.05

This memorandum corrects the replacement issuance code from "L" to "K."  This code is entered in FISU to replace food purchased with food stamp benefits destroyed in a household misfortune.
  • Discuss this memorandum with all appropriate staff.

  • Replace hard copy pages of the Food Stamp Manual with the revised pages.

  • Use code "K" in FISU to replace an issuance lost in a household misfortune.
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    1150.000.00  BENEFIT ISSUANCE
     IM-#87  June 29, 1999

    Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) is the method by which certified households receive/use food stamp benefits.  Refer to Section 0150.000.00 of the General Chapter in IMNL.

    1150.005.00    USING FOOD STAMP BENEFITS

    The household may use its food stamp benefits in any grocery store, anywhere in the United States, authorized by FNS to accept them.  The benefits may be used the same as cash to purchase any food or food product prepared for human consumption.  Benefits cannot be used to purchase alcoholic beverages, tobacco, soap and paper products, and hot foods or hot foods prepared for immediate consumption.  Benefits may also be used to buy seeds and plants for use in gardens to produce food for personal consumption by the eligible household.  Under certain conditions, members of an eligible household who are 60 years of age or over and their spouses may use food stamp benefits to pay for home-delivered meals and other meals prepared especially for elderly persons.

    Food stamp benefits cannot be used for any eligible food purchased prior to the time at which benefits are presented to authorized food stores or meal service.  Neither are benefits used to pay for any eligible food in advance of the receipt of food, except when prior payment is for food purchased from a non-profit cooperative food purchasing venture.

    When transacting food stamp benefits by EBT, the household CANNOT receive change.

    1150.010.00    REPLACEMENT ISSUANCES
    IM-#87  June 29, 1999

    Replace food stamp benefits when:

     1. the food stamp benefits are used by an individual without the household's permission after the EBT card is reported as lost or stolen; or

     2. the benefit security card (EBT) and personal identification number (PIN) are stolen prior to receipt and benefits are lost; or

     3. food purchased with food stamp benefits is destroyed in a household misfortune (fire, flood, tornado, or other devastating event beyond the household's control); or 

     4. the food stamp benefits are accessed by an individual


      without the household's permission using a manual voucher transaction.

    Do not provide replacements when:

     1. food stamp benefits on the EBT card are used by anyone residing with or visiting the household;

     2. benefits are lost prior to the report of a lost or stolen EBT card after receipt of the EBT card;

     3. the household or its authorized representative did not sign and return the required forms within ten days of reporting the loss; or

     4. available documentation indicates the household's request appears to be fraudulent.

    Inform the household that it can appeal a denial or delay of a replacement issuance.  However, no replacement can be made while the denial or delay is being appealed.

    If a hearing reverses a replacement denial, the Food Assistance Program Unit is responsible for issuing the replacement when it receives a copy of the hearing decision.

    1150.010.05     Forms Used for Replacement of Food Stamp Benefits
    IM-# 41  March 8, 2000

    The IM-110 form, titled "Statement of Loss/Replacement Request (Household Misfortune)", is used to provide a statement of loss of food purchased with food stamp benefits destroyed in a household misfortune.  The county office makes the determination regarding the amount of food stamp benefits to replace and enters the FISU replacement request using the reason code "K."  The original form is filed in the case record.  A copy is sent to the Food Assistance Program Office in Central Office.

    The IM-113 form, titled "Replacement Request/Affidavit for Food Stamp Benefits Lost from an EBT Account", is used when: 

    • a report of a lost or stolen EBT card is made, and 
    • benefits are subsequently lost from the EBT account due to failure of the agency to take prompt action, or 
    • the food stamp benefits are accessed by an individual without the household's permission using a manual voucher transaction.
    The Food Stamp Program and Policy Unit in Central Office makes the determination regarding replacement for benefits lost from an EBT