Effective immediately, county office staff have the ability to enter a password in EBTU for participants/alternate payees who choose this option when contacting Deluxe.  In order to replace a card, request a new PIN, or discuss the EBT information with Deluxe, participants/alternate payees with passwords will have to give the correct password.  Participants/alternate payees who do not have security issues with their Benefit Security® Cards should not use the password option.

Use the password option when:

  • Participants/alternate payees claim individuals outside of the EBT household are canceling Benefit Security® Cards or requesting new PINs; or

  • Participants are unable to contact Deluxe on their own due to an impairment.  These participants need an interpreter or another individual to assist in the phone call, but do not want this individual to be the alternate payee.  Contact Program and Policy if your county has an interpreter or individual from a community agency who assists more than one participant.
The password option is only used if nothing else can solve the situation.  For participants with an impairment, use the password when the participant has no one that can be the alternate payee.

The password must be 4-10 characters and be alpha or numeric.  If at least 4 characters are not entered the message "OPT ID must have letter/numbers in first 4 positions" appears. 

To assign the password, for the head of household, take the following action:

  • Verify the individual is the head of household for the case.  Ask what password the household wants to use. 

  • Access the EBTU screen.  Enter a "C" in the action field.

  • Tab to the optional ID field and enter the password exactly as the participant stated.

  • Press enter to update.  The message "Record Updated, Enter next DCN" appears.
To assign a password for an alternate payee:
  • Verify the individual is the alternate payee for the case. Ask what password the alternate payee wants to use.

  • Access the EBTU screen using the household DCN.  Press the PF9 key.  Enter a "C" in the correct action field.

  • Tab to the OPT ID field and enter the password exactly as the alternate payee stated.

  • Press enter to update.  The message "Record Updated, Enter next DCN" appears.
To remove the optional ID, enter a "C" in the action field. Using the space bar key, space out the password/optional ID. Press enter to update. Do not zero out the password/optional ID, or zeroes will be the new password/optional ID.

The password/optional ID processes overnight and appears in the password field in the Client Card Detail Screen in MOP.  The password also appears in the EBTU/EBTI screens.  The participant/alternate payee will have to identify the password in order to conduct business with the Deluxe Help Desk. If the participant/alternate payee cannot remember the password, Deluxe will not assist them. S/he will have to contact the caseworker to assign a new password.

Cases that have the client type "PF" must be updated by Program & Policy staff.

  • Discuss this memorandum with all appropriate staff.

  • Assign passwords to participants/alternate payees who need additional security for the Benefit Security® Card and PIN.

  • Assign passwords to participants who need assistance in contacting Deluxe and do not have alternate payees.
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