As a means of creating and distributing information, our division has introduced a new tool.  With the help of the Division of Data Processing, an Intranet project has begun.  This effort will present a new forum that is more usable and more easily understandable.  The ease of Intranet publication will improve access to information.

As the division becomes more experienced in design and presentation, the Intranet will expand and play a larger role in how staff accesses information.

As an introduction to the DSS Intranet, this memorandum will discuss access and navigation in the FAMIS User Guide.  The FAMIS User Guide is designed for use as you work within FAMIS.  It includes general data about the system, descriptions of common procedures, and step-by-step instructions for the processes.  This should be considered the most up-to-
date resource for User Guide information.  It replaces the IMNL FAMIS User Guide.

Navigation within the User Guide is carried out by moving the mouse pointer over a link (a word or phrase emphasized in a hypertext document that acts as a pointer to related information). Links in a Web browser are usually underlined and are a different color than the rest of the text.  There are also "Back" and "Forward" buttons on the Netscape Communicator toolbar.

In the User Guide, the main index page has links to section index pages (there are currently seven sections).  Each section index page has links to content pages, the main index page, and other section index pages.  The content pages contain detailed information about, and step-by-step instructions for, the FAMIS system.  At the bottom of each content page are links to section index pages.

The basic skills described below will help individual users of the Intranet increase their ability to locate and use information in the Intranet.

I.   What is the Intranet?
 The DSS Intranet presents information in a way similar to the Internet.  The fundamental difference is that the network exists exclusively within DSS.  Access is limited to pages that have been posted on the Department server. The network delivers our resources to each desktop quickly and inexpensively while protecting the information from unauthorized access.

II.  How do I access the Intranet?
 In the Lotus Smart Center at the top of your desktop, click to open the Communications drawer.  The Intranet "tab" shows an icon named "browser".  A browser is an application that displays a Web page.  Double-clicking this icon will open Netscape Navigator.

 When you start Netscape Navigator, your browser, the page that appears automatically is the Department of Social Services "home page."  If this is not the case, check with your remote site coordinator or the FAMIS Help Desk.

III. How do I navigate within the Intranet?
 On the Department home page, find the underlined "link" Family Services.  To find the link, move the mouse pointer over the underlined text until the pointer changes to a pointing finger.  Click once.

 From the Family Services page, you can access the FAMIS User Guide by clicking the link under the Manuals section.

 To retrace your steps, use the "Back" button on the navigation toolbar.

 On our Intranet pages, designers incorporated helpful navigation links.  These links may appear as text or images/pictures.  The links will help you find major navigation points within the Intranet.

 Clicking the "Home" button on the navigation toolbar will bring you back to the Department home page.

IV.  How do I search for specific information?
 While Data Processing is investigating a "search engine" to assist staff with specific searches throughout the Intranet or a within a specific section, this is not yet possible. Instead, searching within a page should help you narrow your focus.  To find text within the page you are currently viewing: 

 1.  From the Edit menu, choose Find in Page.  If the page you are viewing contains frames, you may need to click within a frame first.

 2.  Type the text you want to find.

 3.  Select the "Match case" checkbox if capital letters should be matched.

 4.  On Windows, select Up or Down to search from the  beginning or end of the page. If there is a current selection, the search begins at the selection and stops at a match or at the top or bottom of the page.  It does not wrap around to the other end of the page.

 5.  Click Find Next to begin the search. 

 To find the same word or phrase again:  Click Find Next again or open the Edit menu and choose Find Again.

V.   How do I print a page?
  To preview your printed page, from the File menu, select Print Preview.

 To print a page, from the File menu, select Print.

 Important: Navigator formats content according to the size of the printed page, not the size of the onscreen window. Text is word-wrapped and graphics are repositioned to accommodate paper size.

VI.  What other information is available in our Intranet?
 The Division index page currently has links to the "Take 10 Quiz", "Vision Gazette", "FAMIS Managed Reporting", "Temporary Assistance Data Reporting" (see Email Memorandum #27 dated March 14, 2000), and "FAMIS Times Newsletter".  Staff are encouraged to visit these pages often because content is updated frequently. 

 Users will find the "What's New" link a helpful place to locate recently updated and added pages.

VII. Where else can I find helpful information about the Netscape
 From the Menu bar, select Help, and choose Help Contents.
 You may also call the FAMIS Help Desk at 1-800-MO-FAMIS.

  • Review this memorandum with appropriate staff.

  • Use the Intranet to access up-to-date information.
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