IM-82  05/25/00  AUTO APPR. OF FS EXP. & DEL. OF CASE ACT. 12

Effective June 1, 2000, all food stamp applications on which expedited benefits are issued that are not approved within two working days from the date of expedited issuance, will be automatically approved.  This includes cases in which expedited benefits are issued due to a change in circumstances after the date of application.

The issuance of expedited benefits is an approval and an FSU5 must be entered approving the application.  Never reject an application when expedited benefits have been issued.  Current policy requires entry of the FSU5 approving expedited applications within 24 hours of issuing the expedited benefits and sending the household a Notice of Eligibility, Denial or Pending Status (IM-112).  There is no change in current policy regarding the entry of FSU5 transactions for expedited applications.

All households approved automatically will be assigned a three-
month certification period.  To avoid having households who could be certified for a longer period of time reapply every three months, enter the FSU5 approving the expedited application within 24 hours.  Staff has rejected applications after issuing expedited benefits whichresults in issuing benefits on closed cases.  These procedures are implemented to ensure that all expedited cases are approved.

The automated expedited approval transaction approves the household without updating individual data.  The expedited verification code will be changed to a "T."  Automated approvals show:

  • case action code 01 or 05 in Field 6,
  • reason code 65 in Field 9,
  • postponed verification code "T" in Field 7, and
  • a three-month certification period.
No additional benefits will be issued until the worker updates the case and individual information in FSU5.

Worker Action Required

Worker action is required on all automated approvals.  Upon receipt of an FSU5 turnaround automatically approving an expedited case, send the household an Action Taken On Your Food Stamp Case (IM-112), if one was not sent when the expedited benefits were authorized.  Supervisors will monitor the daily report FFSDY 550-01 and ensure than an IM-112 has been sent to the household.  The FFSDY 550-01 will show reason code 65 for all automated approvals. 

All Verification Provided

 If the household has provided all verification required, update the FSU5 (case action "07") as follows:

  • change the postponed verification code from a "T" to a "V,"
  • enter case information, and 
  • update individual data.
If the household's benefit level changes, send the household an IM-149 notifying them of the new benefit amount.

Verification Postponed

 Within five working days from the receipt of postponed verification, update FSU5.  If the household does not provide postponed verification within 30 days from the date of application, close the case. 

NOTE: No further benefits will be issued until the FSU5 is updated.

Postponed Verification Code Changes

Postponed verification code "T" is redefined to be--automated approval, postponed verification.  Workers are no longer able to enter postponed verification code "T."  Note this change on the IM-105 Code Sheet.  The "T" code will be used on all automated approvals.  If FISU shows a "V" indicating the worker has obtained all verification required, it will not be transmitted to FSU5 on automated approvals. Workers must update FSU5 to issue additional benefits to the household.

Use postponed verification code "P" on all expedited applications approved with postponed verification.  It is no longer necessary to identify expedited applications before and after the 15th of the month with postponed verification.

Case Action "12"

Case action "12" is obsolete.  When approving a timely expedited recertification before payroll closing, enter issuance and payroll information in field 21 for the next regular payroll appropriate for the case.  It is no longer necessary to hold timely expedited recertifications until after the end of the month.  Line through case action code 12 on the IM-105 code sheet.

EXAMPLE:  Ben T is certified through 02-2000.  He reapplies for food stamp benefits on January 27, 2000, and is expedited eligible.  Enter the FSU5 approval within 24 hours.  Mr. T provided all verification at the time of application.  Mr. T's March benefits will be issued through FEX2.  Mr. T is being certified for the months of March, April, and May 2000.  Enter Mr. T's next issuance on the regular payroll, field 21, and show 04-00 as the issuance month.

Second Month Expedited Applications

Enter the FSU5 transaction within 24 hours on all second month expedited applications.  Do not hold the FSU5 until the appropriate regular payroll is available.  Enter the appropriate regular payroll when entering the FSU5 transaction. 
EXAMPLE:  Kay M received February benefits in Arkansas.  She is now residing in Missouri and made application for food stamp benefits on February 10, and is expedited eligible.  She is not eligible for benefits in Missouri until March.  Ms. M provided all verification needed to determine her eligibility.  Enter the FSU5 within 24 hours approving the case and complete field 21 showing Ms. M's issuance on the regular payroll for the month of 04-00.

Transfer Automated Approval Cases

If the applicant has not provided requested verification, update FSU5 using income, resource and other information used when expediting the case in addition to updating the address, county number, and worker numbers when transferring a food stamp case that has been automatically approved.  If the applicant has provided verification required to determine eligibility, update FSU5 using that information when transferring the case.  Cases that have not been updated will not pass edits.


Case actions 01C and 05C on the monthly Currency Report and the monthly Production Report indicate automated approvals.  A new report is being created for Area and Sub-area offices.  Use these reports to monitor expedited approvals and ensure appropriate follow-up actions are completed by staff.  The Food Stamps Maintenance List Report No. FFSDY550-01 is being modified to show reason code 65.

  • Review this memorandum with appropriate staff.

  • Update FSU5 on all automated expedited approvals.

  • Cease using case action "12" when approving timely expedited certifications.

  • Make pen and ink changes to the IM-105 code sheet adding reason code 65 with the explanation--computer approval of expedited application.

  • Postponed verification code "T" is redefined to automated approval, postponed verification.

  • Monitor expedited approvals with reason code 65 on the daily Food Stamp Maintenance List, monthly Currency Report and monthly Production Report.
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