This memo is a follow up to memo #IM-130 dated 09/21/99 and is to provide clarification to staff regarding the completion of time study forms.  Area and County offices are encouraged to have local procedures (such as one person in both area and county offices to monitor completion and return of forms) in place to ensure all forms are completed on time and returned to Research & Evaluation (R&E).

Recently, questions have arisen from the field regarding who is to complete time studies.  All staff who are Caseworkers (personnel classification code of 5202), and Self-Sufficiency Case Managers (SSCM) (personnel code 5206) must complete and return all time study forms according to form instructions, and on the appropriate date shown on the form.  Those staff who are not performing Income Maintenance duties (i.e. SSCMs whose primary responsibilities are the development of community resources and or other specialized duties) but are still classified as Income Maintenance staff, must still utilize the proper codes for completion of the forms unless directed otherwise. 

Eligibility Specialists are currently excluded from the IM Time Study process since they are included in random moment time studies conducted by Children Services.

Time studies received for workers who have transferred to another county or are temporarily based at another work site/location (i.e., FAMIS UNIT, etc.) are to be forwarded to the appropriate work site to ensure that timely completion and return of the forms to R&E can occur. 

A new procedure has been implemented to notify counties of "overdue" time studies. R&E will produce a listing at the end of each month showing time studies that are overdue.  When R&E notifies Central Office of the overdue studies, central office will follow up by sending email notification to affected counties with a cc: to the Area office.  Areas/counties can expect to receive an overdue time study report no later than the second workday of the month following the report month.

Overdue time studies must be received by R&E no later than the 10th of the month following the report month (i.e. May forms must be in R&E's possession no later than June 10). Otherwise, they will be excluded. Supervisory staff are expected to ensure prompt action is taken so time study forms are completed immediately andreturned to R&E through normal supervisory channels.

The addition of this new procedure combined with the time study master lists (sent to Areas at the beginning of each month) should prove over time to enhance our return rates. Our goal is to reach and maintain a 100% return rate.

If the county has no record of receiving a time study form reported as overdue, the form should be reproduced for the worker, completed, and returned as normal to R&E.  If necessary, make a copy of the form from the forms manual and affix a label following the same format as those produced by R&E.  Workers should complete the form to the best of their recollections.

  • Review this memorandum with all appropriate staff;

  • Develop and implement local procedures to ensure that time studies are completed on time and returned to Research and Evaluation;

  • All caseworker and case manager staff are to complete and return time studies;

  • Forward time study forms to the appropriate work sites/locations;

  •  Make copies of time study forms when non-receipt has occurred. 
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