The following changes became effective October 19, 2001:
  • transportation reimbursement checks issued to food stamp participants in Job Search and Job Search training activities with the Division of Workforce Development (DWD) are  issued by the Division of Family Services (DFS);
  • checks returned due to incorrect addresses will be returned to county offices;
  • the METP Payroll Check Register listing participants issued a transportation check is being produced and sent to county offices; and
  • call the Division of Budget and Finance to begin METP transportation check replacement procedures. 
Check Issuance

In the past, the Division of Employment Security (ES) issued transportation reimbursement checks.  ES and DWD are now separate agencies and DWD has no means of issuing transportation reimbursement checks.  Because ES is no longer a part of the agreement with DFS to provide services to food stamp participants, DFS will assume the task of issuing reimbursement checks. 

Procedures for Returned Checks

Checks issued with an insufficient address or incorrect address will be returned to county offices.  Upon receipt of a returned transportation reimbursement check, determine whether or not the participant has an updated address in the system.  If so, re-mail the check to the current address. 

If the participant's address shown on the returned check is the last known address to the agency, send the household a Request for Information asking the household for their current mailing address.  Update the address in the system when the current address is received.

If the household fails to respond to the Request for Information, hold the check for 30 days from the date of issue.  After 30 days, send the returned check to the Division of Budget and Finance for cancellation.

Take action to close the case of those households, other than earned income households, who fail to respond to the request for Information. 

Payroll Listing and Procedures for Replacement Checks

Report FPCMT255-01, METP Payroll Check Register is being sent to county offices.  The payroll lists individuals issued a check, pay county, individual DCN, case DCN, issuance amount, issuance number, and service date. 

When a participant reports their check not received, lost, stolen, or destroyed, a stop payment must be placed on the check. 

A check must be 10 days old before a stop payment is placed on it.  Check the METP Payroll to determine the date the check was issued, check number, and amount.  This information is needed, in addition to the name of the individual and DCN, when calling to request a stop payment.  To begin the stop payment process, call the Division of Budget and Finance at 573-526-1811.

Follow instructions outlined in the Forms Manual for completing the Affidavit for Replacement (IM-214) and the Affidavit of Forgery (IM-215).  Do not complete the IM-214 prior to calling to stop payment.  A stop payment must be placed on the check before an Affidavit for Replacement is sent to Budget and Finance.  If not, the affidavit is voided and returned to the county office. 

Damaged checks should be returned to the Division of Budget and Finance along with a memorandum explaining why the check needs to be rewritten.

The Division of Budget and Finance will mail replacement checks to the county offices to deliver to the participant.  Allow 5-10 days for checks to reach the county office.

  • Review this memorandum with all appropriate staff.
  • Implement these procedures immediately.
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