This memorandum will discuss changes in the existing policy for Temporary Assistance reinvestigations.  The following changes are being made in an effort to reduce the workload of staff, recognize the work staff is presently doing, and to match as closely as possible the Medical Assistance for Families (MAF) reinvestigation process.

This revised policy is based on the expectation that there is a monthly case management contact for families subject to work requirements. Case managers should be maintaining regular contact with participants on a monthly basis.  This working knowledge of the family reduces the need for more frequent reinvestigations.

Yearly Reinvestigations

Temporary Assistance cases will now be reviewed once every 12 months by telephone, mail, or in person.  After establishing initial eligibility for assistance, ensure the participant remains eligible and adjust the grant when circumstances change.

Possible Reinvestigations/Changes in Circumstances

Certain changes in circumstances will necessitate a complete reinvestigation using the Eligibility Reinvestigation (Modified IM-2) and Changes You Must Report (IM-3).  When adding an individual, an Application for Benefits (IM-1) will also be necessary.

Possible changes may include:

  • 0225.005.00 Adding A Child
  • 0225.010.00 Adding An Eligible Payee
  • 0225.015.00 Marriage of a Parent/Becoming a Stepparent
  • 0225.000.00 Moves to Another County
The SSCM/caseworker will use their best judgment for other instances when eligibility needs to be reviewed.  When this occurs, a Modified IM-2 and IM-3 may be required. 

EXAMPLE OF WHEN A MODIFIED IM-2 IS NECESSARY: John Bond's daughters from his first marriage have moved in with him.  He has come in to add them to his Temporary Assistance case.  This would be a situation where an IM-1, Modified IM-2 and IM-3 would be required and the interview would not be waived.

EXAMPLE OF WHEN A MODIFIED IM-2 IS NOT NECESSARY: May Doe is attending school for a total of 20 hours weekly.  She also works at Long Factory a total of 15 hours. SSCM/caseworker meets with Ms Doe monthly. SSCM/caseworker is aware of the household situation and have developed a working relationship with her.  She is continuing in her component activities without difficulty.  She is due for a reinvestigation this month.  This would be a situation where a Modified IM-2 would not be required.  The review would be completed using information in the Income Maintenance, Food Stamp, and Child Care records.  Income information should not be more than 30 days old unless it is regular and consistent.

No Face-to-Face Requirement

Reinvestigation interviews may be conducted by phone, in person during a case management activity, or waived if the family situation is known to the agency.

It is not necessary to schedule a face-to-face interview for a reinvestigation if regular case management contacts have been maintained.  In all instances the SSCM/caseworker should tailor number of contacts with families in a way that reflects the family's need for services.  Case managers should have an extended knowledge of the participant and the family from regular monthly contacts.

Reduced Verification Requirements

It will not be necessary to complete the Modified IM-2 yearly for participants subject to work requirements and receiving regular case management contact.  A review can be completed without the Modified IM-2 if all of the information is obtained through case management contact or some other source such as the current Food Stamp application.  At the time of the yearly reinvestigation, complete a new budget, record income and eligibility documentation in the Temporary Assistance case record.  Non-financial documentation should be on the IM-2 Recording Worksheet (IM-38). This documentation should include:

  • Resources
  • Child in the Home
  • Deprived
  • Residency
  • School Attendance
  • Work Activity Status
Continue to record the financial information on the Income Maintenance Budget (IM-30) for new budget calculations.

After the yearly reinvestigation is complete, enter the reinvestigation date, month, and year in Field 47 of the IMU5.

When a participant fails to cooperate with a reinvestigation for Temporary Assistance, take action to close the cash benefits by sending an Adverse Action Notice (IM-80) and change to MAF only after the IM-80 expires.  After taking action to close the cash benefits, send an IM-1U if an MAF reinvestigation is needed.  Refer to Family Healthcare Manual section 0905.025.05.

Note: Non-cooperation with a Temporary Assistance reinvestigation occurs when the SSCM/caseworker cannot establish eligibility for cash benefits.  When the participant has not provided information to establish eligibility which the worker cannot obtain non-cooperation occurs.  If the information is in the record (Income Maintenance, Food Stamp, or Child Care) do not require the participant to provide it again.  Income information should not be more than 30 days old unless it is regular and consistent. 

Reinvestigations for Participants Not Subject To Work Requirements

In cases where there is no case management contact, a more thorough reinvestigation will be necessary.  These situations will occur in:

  • Child Only Cases
  • Grandparents As Foster Parents
  • Exempt Payees
  • Sanctioned Participants
For these cases, staff will need to complete a Modified IM-2 and IM-3 and conduct a yearly face-to-face interview.  Staff will record non-financial verification and determine continued eligibility on Modified IM-2 or IM-38 (IM-2 Recording Worksheet).  Staff will record all necessary financial information on the IM-30 (IBCA) and complete a new budget.

NOTE:  Refer to 0220.015.00 (Reinvestigations) and 0225.000.00 (Interim Contacts) for complete information on reinvestigations.

  • Review this memorandum with appropriate staff.
  • Begin completing yearly reinvestigations for all Temporary Assistance cases.
  • File the attached revised manual pages.
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