2009 Memorandums

IM-#34   06/01/09

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Effective June 1, 2009 , Family Support Division (FSD) participants have access via the internet to report changes and review current benefits for Temporary Assistance, MO HealthNet for Kids, Pregnant Women and Parents, Child Care and Food Stamp programs. A link to the Missouri Benefits Center is available on the Department of Social Services website at The Missouri Benefits Center page includes links to Report Changes and Review My Benefits. All information is transmitted over a secure network. To use the Missouri Benefits Center participants must enter a User ID, password, and Personal Identification Number (PIN). This memorandum addresses:

Missouri Benefits Center Log In Procedures and Notification to Current Web Application Participants

All participants must create a secure account and assign themselves a User Id and Password the first time they access the Missouri Benefit Center. Participants who applied for MO HealthNet using the web application will receive a PIN letter providing their PIN along with information about the availability of improved services including web change reporting, review of benefits, and that they can access their web account with their current User ID/Password. They will need to answer additional security questions the first time they sign on to the web. New users must request a PIN the first time they use the Missouri Benefit Center. Participants are advised that it can take up to 10 days to receive PIN information and that they must contact their local FSD office to report changes in a timely manner per program requirements until their PIN arrives. Change reporting requirements for Food Stamp Simplified Reporting Households are provided.

NOTE: If a participant forgets or experiences problems with their USERID, PASSWORD or PIN, they are instructed to contact their local FSD office or to contact MO HealthNet Service Center at 1-888-275-5908 for assistance in resetting their information and accessing their account. Do not give out User Ids or PINs over the phone. Users can assign themselves multiple IDs and PINs; however as each new one is requested and activated, previously used IDs and PINs become inactive. Eligibility specialists can reset the User Id or PIN if the participant can not remember. A separate memorandum and User Guide will follow which includes instructions on how the eligibility specialist can assist the participant in resetting passwords and PINs.

Reviewing Current Benefits

From the Missouri Benefits Center page the user selects the Review My Benefits link which prompts them to create an account or sign into their account using their previously created Username, Password, and PIN.

Participants can review their current benefits for MO HealthNet for Kids, Parents, and Pregnant Women, Temporary Assistance, Child Care, and Food Stamps. The Benefit summary lists the following information:

The participant can click the link for each assistance type for specific program details such as type of MO HealthNet coverage, Temporary Assistance grant amount, Food Stamp benefit amount, or sliding fee amount for Child Care.

Completion of the Web Change Report by the Participant

Staff must continue to inform participants of the requirement to report changes per program requirements. There is no change in reporting requirements. Participants can report changes by:

From the Missouri Benefits Center page the user can select the Report Changes link which prompts them to create an account or sign into their account using their Username, Password, and PIN.

Changes that can be reported include household changes, person changes, and add/remove someone.

The participant also has an opportunity to include an additional note to the eligibility specialist if they have any additional information they wish to report or clarify.

When a web change report has been completed and submitted to FAMIS the participant receives a message indicating that it has been submitted along with a change request number.

NOTE: In an effort to ensure the safety and security of participants identified as Safe at Home or Domestic Violence cases, those participants are not allowed to report changes via the web. A message displays telling them to contact their local FSD office if they attempt to report changes.



2009 Memorandums