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IM-#21      03/14/12

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Effective March 26, 2012 the new Food Stamp Web Application and revised FS-1 paper application are available and individuals can provide information used to determine expedited eligibility for the household.  Missouri has received a waiver to postpone the interview and approve expedited Food Stamp eligible households when identity is verified.

This memorandum contains information on the following:

Waiver for Postponed Interview

Under this waiver households that meet expedited criteria, whose identity can be verified, will receive Food Stamp benefits for one month postponing the interview when the agency has attempted but has not been able to contact the applicant.  If the household applies after the 15th of the month they will receive benefits for the initial month and subsequent month postponing the interview when the agency is unable to contact the applicant.  In these cases, we will treat the interview like other verification and postpone for it during the initial one month or two month eligibility period.  The waiver is implemented March 26, 2012.

For web based, faxed, mail-in or dropped off applications when the applicant provides a phone number on the application or a phone number is in a previous case or the phone number is located in a telephone directory, eligibility staff must attempt to contact these applicants by phone to complete the interview the day the application is received.  The attempt to contact must be documented on EUMEMROL (FM3Z) screen.

Procedures for Approving Expedited Food Stamp Applications with a Postponed Interview

Register the application the same day it is received.  After all efforts to contact the household have been exhausted and verification of identity is available, flow forward from the Food Stamp Interview (FM1B) screen.

The FS/TA Declarations (FMMM) screen is moved in the controlled flow so that it populates before the Expedited Summary (FM48) screen.  Enter all applicable information up to the Expedited Summary (FM48) screen. 

NOTE:  If the application shows a "yes" answer to prepaid burial, striker or a declaration question you must stop the controlled flow and wait for contact with the applicant.  An expedited decision cannot be made without further information regarding these eligibility factors.

Use information on the application and enter readily available verifications, such as those faxed in with the application or previously verified information in the FAMIS system.  Use electronic sources of verifications such as Unemployment Compensation, IIVE, Child Support and the Work Number.

If the Expedited Summary (FM48) screen shows eligibility for expedited benefits, a new message appears in yellow-"F9 if interviewing; F23 only if no interview & expedite eligible".  If you are not completing an interview and the expedited summary shows expedited eligibility, press the new Authorize Expedited (F23) key to flow forward to the Select Authorization (FM3G) screen.  Complete the authorization of expedited benefits.  The Select Authorization (FM3G) screen will show APEX for the expedited months.

If the controlled flow is completed to or past the Expedited Summary (FM48) screen and the summary shows the EU is expedited, but no further action is taken by the eligibility specialist, the system will approve the EU for expedited benefits overnight.

If the eligibility specialist completes the controlled flow to the Expedited Summary (FM48) screen and then goes back to a previous screen the system will not expedite the EU and the case will remain in the controlled flow at the previous screen.

FAMIS sends a notice of eligibility to the applicant indicating the benefit period will end after the approval of expedited benefits if they do not complete the interview and/or provide requested verification.  The Food Stamp Eligibility Unit will show in the system with a status of APV-Approved with Postponed Verification.  FAMIS resets the controlled flow back to the Food Stamp Interview (FM1B) screen so that all questions will be reviewed when the interview is conducted.

NOTE:  On March 26, 2012, when this change is implemented, all pending Food Stamp applications in the controlled flow will be reset to the Food Stamp Interview (FM1B) screen.  The questions that were answered will remain answered, but the controlled flow must be completed for all types of assistance.

When the applicant contacts the office to participate in the interview, access the case from the Interrupted/Incomplete Controlled Flow (FMRA) screen. Conduct the interview, enter verification provided and complete an eligibility determination for ongoing benefits.

If the applicant does not respond to the interview request or provide the necessary verifications, the FAMIS system will end the certification period by closing the case.

Enhancement to Closing Cases with Postponed Verification

Previously, expedited applications taken after the 15th of the month had to be cancel closed when verification was provided after the 30th day but by the last day of the second month.  A system enhancement will now leave the case active through the last day of the second month, no longer requiring a cancel close when postponed verification is provided by the last day of the second month.

Filing an Application Outside the County of Residence

If an application is received by web based, fax, mail-in or drop off from an individual who lives in another county, register the application the day it is received. Contact the applicant by phone to conduct the interview. If the applicant cannot be reached that day and the application appears expedited, contains the name, address, signature and identity is verified, register the application and flow through the FS/TA Declarations (FMMM) screen to the Expedited Summary (FM48) screen.  If the Expedited Summary indicates the EU is eligible for expedited benefits, press the F23 Authorize Expedited key and authorize the benefits with a postponed interview.

The county who received the application must schedule the interview so the case is completed timely. Once the applicant has been interviewed and the case is completed, forward the record and transfer the electronic case file to the county of residence.

FAMIS Screen Changes

The Food Stamp Interview (FM1G) screen is displayed twice in the controlled flow.  The first display allows entry of Y or N for the question "Do you need to schedule an interview (YN)?" along with the interview scheduling information if the answer is Y.  The Food Stamp Interview (FM1G) screen populates again after the Driver Question (FMRB) screen. At this display FAMIS allows entry in the Interview date completed field and type of interview completed field.

The FS/TA Declarations (FMMM) screen is moved in the controlled flow so that it populates before the Expedited Summary (FM48) screen.

The Expedited Summary (FM48) screen displays the new Authorize Expedite (F23) key if the EU screens expedited.  If identity is not verified the EU will not show expedited on the Expedited Summary (FM48) screen.

FAMIS Notice Change

When an EU is approved for expedited benefits the FA-150 Action Notice is sent by FAMIS.  A "required interview" is added to the list of what will be needed to continue receiving Food Stamp benefits when an expedited application is approved with postponed interview.  When the interview is postponed, it isn't possible to give the applicant the FA-110 Expedited Service Notice.  FAMIS will mail the FA-110 when a Food Stamp applicant is approved with postponed interview.

Expedited with Postponed Interview Report

A new report titled FS Expedited with Postponed Verification for Interview is available through Managed Reporting for Regional and State Office staff.  The launch page for the report gives you the option of a summary or detail report filtered by month, Region, County and report type PDF or Excel.

The Timely Delivery of Expedited Food Stamp Benefits Procedure Guide has been revised.



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