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IM-#74      08/27/12

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SECTION 1140.040.00
SECTION 1140.040.15


The purpose of this memorandum is to introduce the new Food Stamp Mid-Certification Review (MCR) Report form (FA546). Effective with the September 2012 MCR mailing, the new form FA546 replaces the old version of the report, form FA545. A sample of the new report form is attached.

This memorandum discusses the following information regarding the new report:

Ten Questions

The Food Stamp Mid-Certification Review Report form (FA546) asks ten questions that must be answered by the EU. The questions are:

  1. Are any household members no longer living with you?
  2. Do you have any new household members?
  3. Has anyone in your household changed, stopped, or started a job?
  4. Has earned income for anyone in your household changed by more than $100 per month?
  5. Has unearned income for anyone in your household changed by more than $50 per month?
  6. Does your household have resources of more than $2000.00 ($3250.00 for elderly/disabled)?
  7. Have you moved?
  8. If you have moved since your initial application, what is your new rent, mortgage, and utilities?
  9. Do you have any changes in child support that you are ordered to pay by the court?, and
  10. Will any changes you listed be for more than one month?

Each question requires a "yes" or "no" answer.  If the EU answers "yes" additional information is requested.


The new FA546 is revised to display the existing information from the FAMIS system. For each question, as applicable, data from FAMIS is printed on the form for the EU to review.

FSD Information Center and Web Site

The new FA546 does not include an eligibility specialists' name or telephone number.  The EU is referred to the Family Support Division Information (FSD INFO) Center for assistance or to ask questions.

The new FA546 informs EUs that they can manage their case online.  The EU may apply for benefits, review their benefits information, and report changes twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week through the Family Support Division Program Enrollment web site at

Fair Hearing Request

If the EU requests a fair hearing concerning the Food Stamp Mid-Certification Review Report form for the Food Stamp Program, see Income Maintenance Memorandum IM-65 dated October 26, 2011. It is important to send all Agency evidence to the Administrative Hearings Unit as soon as possible. Staff must not delay sending the evidence to the Administrative Hearings Unit.

Fair hearings due to the Food Stamp Mid-Certification Review Report may require the following evidence.

Provide a copy of the evidence to the EU asking for the hearing and their designated attorney or authorized representative. Staff must send a copy of all notices and evidence for the hearing to the EU and the designated individual.  Schedule a pre-hearing conference.  Advise the EU that the use of an agency conference is optional and that it shall in no way delay or replace the fair hearing process.  An agency conference may lead to an informal resolution of the dispute.  However, a fair hearing must still be held if the EU has requested one, unless the EU makes a written withdrawal of its request.

Please note that if verification of child support income was from a MACSS screen, the verification to support this should be requested from child support staff for the hearing. They can provide a print-out that contains the same information and the print-out can be presented as evidence. If you cannot get this information, contact Food Stamp Program and Policy Unit for assistance. Do not go to the hearing and state that the verification cannot be supplied because the screen cannot be printed; the Agency has access to this information.

NOTE: See MANUALLY CALCULATING A FOOD STAMP BUDGET to be prepared to testify if the fair hearing includes budgeting issues.

NOTE: See Income Maintenance Memorandum IM-47 dated June 1, 2012 when an agency action is rescinded.

Food Stamp Manual, User Guide, and Question & Answers Revisions and Additions

Food Stamp Manual sections 1140.040.00 and 1140.040.15 are revised to include the new form number and additional that additional expenses may be reported.  The FAMIS user guide, Completing a Temporary Assistance/MO HealthNet/Food Stamp Review in FAMIS is revised to include Food Stamps.

MCR Question & Answers is added to the Income Maintenance: Questions & Answers (Q&As) under Food Stamps on the Family Support Division intranet.  To access the information do the following.




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